By contrast, Rob Terenzi says, farmers in Nicaragua do Burkina Faso Email List everything by hand and turn out a higher-quality product. Rob Terenzi 05:43 It’s very artisan and it’s very like craft. They’ll pick the beans by hand, make several passes through the beans just to make sure they only pick the ripest, reddest beans. So harvest can last for months until each bean is totally ripe. But the price of that product is absolutely contingent upon the C price. Kathleen Schalch Burkina Faso Email List 06:02 That price fluctuates wildly, and when it drops small farmers suffer. Climate change is making things worse. In Nicaragua, the rains are now coming at the wrong times and leaving coffee plants more susceptible to disease. Some climate models predict that by 2050, the areas Burkina Faso Email List suitable for growing coffee will shrink by half.

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Already areas that were once ideal no longer are. Peter Roberts says Burkina Faso Email List to stay viable, coffee farmers may have to move their farms or cultivate different, more resilient plants. Peter Roberts 06:33 So you need some sort of mobility—move your farm somewhere or invest in adaptation. But every verb that you would use would require a coffee farmer to have resources and opportunity. Kathleen Schalch 06:46 But they can’t afford to adapt if they’re barely breaking even. Prodded by consumers, companies, NGOs and donors have tried to build a system Burkina Faso Email List that’s more just and sustainable. Fairtrade and other organizations offer coffee that’s “ethically sourced”—better for the climate, the environment, the workers and coffee-growing communities. Decades ago, they began helping growers form cooperatives, sell in bulk to big companies Burkina Faso Email List , negotiate on price, and buy machines to prepare coffee for export.

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Farmers earn more selling Fairtrade and other specialty coffees Burkina Faso Email List , at least 30 or 40 cents above the C price. And coffee retailers advertise those benefits. Advertisement 07:25 They’ve created a new way to buy that coffee. One that is sustainable, transparent, and good for people and the planet. Kathleen Schalch 07:34 But there’s a downside. Farmers need more and more certifications to qualify for those premium prices. Rob Terenzi 07:41 They have to be Burkina Faso Email List shade-grown, bird-friendly, Rainforest Alliance, organic, Fairtrade—all these kinds of added certifications that all cost them money to get, and the consumer’s paying for it. But not all that goes to the farmer. While US-based consumers are paying more for coffee, the price that the Burkina Faso Email List farmers are receiving, or the cut of that, has been going down. I don’t know, being a coffee farmer is an incredibly hard thing to do.

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