Facebook has long established itself as one of the Spain Email List most prominent and important social networks in the world. However, as gigantic as the blue logo network is, it is not alone on the podium: Instagram also stands out as one of the most interesting, being used by Spain Email List of companies , the second best place in the ranking of networks according to Social Media Trends 2019 . Both are widely used, therefore, they are great sources of business opportunity for companies. If marketing managers want to start understanding Instagram, they also need to know how to communicate on that network, following its rules. Among the options for Marketing on this network is Instagram Direct, Spain Email List  a direct message tool. This is a possibility that allows for practical communication between people and can be used as a way to address the customers’ need for personalization and quick information.

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In this article, we’ll explore the following topics: Spain Email List  What is Instagram Direct? Why use Instagram Direct? How to send this direct? What are the best practices with Instagram Direct? Read on and stay on top of the subject! What is Instagram Direct? Instagram Direct is Instagram’s direct message tool, similar to Facebook Messenger and, in a way, WhatsApp. The focus is to send instant Spain Email List  messages for direct dialogue between people , being possible to transmit videos, links, images and text. In the app, the Direct icon is positioned in the upper right corner of the screen. This means of interaction is a more private form of contact, in which only the sender and receiver have access to published information. Likewise, it is also possible to create groups, in which all members can view the published information. Spain Email List This network inbox can be a great way to chat with friends and family, for example.

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There is a practicality associated with the Spain Email List  fact that the communication channel is embedded in the very network in which users consume information all the time. That way, they don’t need to leave the app to chat. Likewise, this reasoning works with customers’ Spain Email List  buying habits. These direct communication tools are great for serving as a transmission channel for specific information, which satisfy consumers’ need to access information quickly. On the same network where they view photos and posts from their favorite brands, interact with their friends and publish their images, they want to have their doubts resolved without having to look for links and more links on other sites. Spain Email List  This is also extremely advantageous for the company, after all, if the customer’s path to the purchase decision is shorter and with less interference, the certainty of a return is greater. Why use Instagram Direct.

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