He writes in his book 10 Million Years of Leadership – How Successful Leaders Provide for Ancient Basic Needs (affiliate) that leadership is in dire need of an overhaul. We are not nearly as rational as we think. Everyone strives for the 6 basic Benin Phone Number List psychological needs: Safety Connectedness Valuation Learning to deal with boundaries Autonomy Self-expression I share a highlight, tip, or example from the book about each basic need.

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Safety If there is a culture of fear in an organization, you can see this in the so-called ‘error signals’. At the back of the book, you can check how the basic needs in your organization are doing, including error signals. An example of an error signal: There is a strong gossip circuit. 2. Connectedness People feel more connected to each other and the organization if there is a clear goal that is also openly communicated. Simply formulate what matters in your organization. What do you think like an owner and what do you want? It’s not so much about money, but about meaning.

Benin Phone Number List
Benin Phone Number List

For example, look at what Bill Gates wanted: a computer on every table, in every house, running Microsoft software. Or what JF Kennedy wanted: a man on the moon who also returned home safely. In this way, you create more involvement and thus connectedness. Tip: increase the openness of a team or organization by building a stand at a management meeting. In this way, employees can attend a meeting. You can also create connections by working on equality. For example The Capuchin monkey.


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