In doing so, he created the necessary conditions for those involved to be able to focus undisturbed on their goal. Now: If you have an inspiring ambition, you can also set ambitious goals in line with that. They are the first concrete step to Slovenia Phone Number List make your ambition tangible in the thinking and actions of all those involved. When formulating your goals, it helps to always use two starting points. Formulate measurable goals with different time horizons and start with the goal that is furthest away ( moonshot goal ).

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You translate your goals very concretely at the individual level. Make clear how everyone can contribute, based on their role and position. Lesson 4. Show Discipline in the Performance Then: With his tightly worded ‘moonshot goal’ and the road towards it, Kennedy ensured a clear focus for all involved. Such a goal and roadmap ensure accountability because you can evaluate all those involved on their concrete contribution to achieving the goal.

Slovenia Phone Number List
Slovenia Phone Number List

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It is very tempting in this world to be guided by the daily urgencies, the issues of the day. They often beat the more distant ambitions and goals. It is the ultimate challenge to keep running your own race. Don’t be clouded by last-minute requests from others. Focus on your own ambitions, goals, and discipline. Otherwise, you will become an instrument in the realization of other people’s goals before you know it.

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