path, Tiger King! There had been Croatia WhatsApp Number List 7,000 Tweets in keeping with minute about TV shows and movies in 2020 Source: Twitter 2020 Year in Review 34. Tweets related to cooking tripled in 2020 Lockdowns supposed that greater human beings were spending time at domestic, consequently a big percentag Croatia WhatsApp Number List e of the world’s populace spent lots more time within the kitchen than standard. As Tweets relating to cooking triple, food, and beverage emojis were also used a whole lot extra. The cupcake emoji, for example, changed into used 81 percentage Croatia WhatsApp Number Listmore in 2020. Source: Twitter 2020 Year in Review 35. There had been 700 million Tweets approximately elections in 2020 Politics is a huge deal on Twitter and it’s frequently the platform of desire for international leaders, political concept leaders, and not sure citizens. Throughout 2020, there had been over 700 million

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Tweets made approximately the United States election, and US Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been the first and second maximum tweeted about human beings international Croatia WhatsApp Number List . Source: Twitter 2020 Year in Review 36. 😂 was the most Tweeted emoji international Say what you will approximately the net being a supply of negativity, however emoji use tells a specific tale. The smiley face with tears of pleasure emoji, aka called the crying guffawing Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List emoji is the most used emoji on Twitter global. Source: Twitter 2020 Year in Review 37. The very last Tweet from Chadwick Boseman’s account turned into the maximum favored and retweeted ever Chadwick Boseman became the arena-famous actor that performed Black Panther in Marvel films. The actor died tragically in 2020 after a protracted battle with terminal most cancers. His fans Croatia WhatsApp Number List came out in pressure

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