content marketing strategy. This Uruguay Email List will look different depending on the publication schedules you use for each platform. Some of you publish one blog post, one YouTube video and one podcast episode a week. Some of you publish a handful of times a month while others publish multiple times a week. It’s just a matter Uruguay Email List of determining which topic ideas would work best for each platform after that. You can also tweak topic ideas to better fit a certain content type. In our earlier example, the interview podcast episode with a meat substitute brand would more than likely perform better than an Uruguay Email List episode dedicated to the best meat substitute recipes. Consider each platform and content type’s strengths and weaknesses as well. For example, in-depth blog posts of 2,000

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words and more perform well whereas shorter Uruguay Email List content of 15 minutes or less performs better on YouTube. Final thoughts Adding consistency to your content marketing strategy is a great way to boost engagement on every platform you use and a better way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. As a final note, don’t be afraid to Uruguay Email List stray from your editorial calendar every once in a while by uploading posts that may not fit into the current topic you’re focusing on. These topics include reviews, especially for companies running time-sensitive promotions your readers would likely be Uruguay Email List interested in. They also include interviews, behind the scenes content, announcements and industry news. This content marketing strategy is designed to help you fill the bulk of

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