find it pleasant to use and on average 56% find email more pleasant than social when it comes to an important message. 2. 67% use email to receive offers and exclusive deals The Dutch use e-mail for many different purposes. If you look at the main Ecuador Phone Number List reasons, you will notice that the reason ‘to receive confirmations of purchases in (web) stores’ has been steadily increasing in recent years. In addition, e-mail is still widely used as a personal communication channel, receiving channel for official government communications, and a channel for receiving.

Now Tempting offers and exclusive deals

National Email Research Purpose Chart. 3. Even 65+ now prefers to read e-mail on a smartphone On average, the Dutch have preferred to read their e-mails on a smartphone for years. Until 2021 there was one exception: the age group 65+. Until recently, this group of Dutch people continued to prefer the desktop as a device for reading e-mails. In the e-mail survey, we see for the first time that this age group has also made the switch.

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Ecuador Phone Number List

Now Tempting to the smartphone

The transition from 65+ to a smartphone in a graph. 4. 86% of the Dutch have subscribed to one or more mailings in the past year. The fact that e-mail will still be incredibly popular in 2021 is als. in our subscription behavior to e-mail newsletters. In 2017, an average of 17% of Dutch people indicated that they would receive a maximum of 10 new e-mail newsletters, in 2021 this percentage has increased to 21%. And if you look at the category ‘more than 20 new e-mail newsletters’, you even see an increase from 3% to 7% over the same period. Our registration behavior also shows that e-mail is still very much alive.

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