When you’re dealing with a team that works in the same building as you, it’s easier to ensure the environment is right. This helps not only in the productivity of professionals, but also serves as an Endomarketing Brunei Email List action , or internal marketing . Thus, it can even become an advantage for attracting and retaining talent. With global teams, the story is different. It is fair to say that most workers involved in such processes work on their own, which can make it difficult to apply techniques to improve the work environment  Brunei Email List. It is possible, however, to help teams have access to adequate resources. A practical example is the investment in team and project management software that emphasizes Brunei Email List  the user experience. The better the conditions and tools offered to your teams, the better your results. Soft skills Working remotely or on your own is not for everyone. responsibility, resilience , among other things. In addition, the professional must be able to quickly adapt to challenging scenarios, maintain good communication with management and be proactive. All these characteristics fit the definition of soft skills Brunei Email List , skills that are more difficult to develop.

Imagine When We Talk About Remote Employees

Therefore, the process of selecting and recruiting Brunei Email List  global teams is another factor that sets them apart from others. After all, more than competent and qualified, the candidate must be able to fulfill the requirements of a remote position . How to Brunei Email List  manage this efficiently? Now that you know the particulars that add a degree of challenge to managing global teams, let’s get straight to the point: what are the best techniques to overcome adversity and achieve good results? Check it out below! Invest in internal communication If internal communication is already an extremely influential factor in the performance of local teams. As much as they consume Brunei Email List  the same institutional content as the other members of the company, their experience is quite different, as we have already made clear. Therefore, an effort must be made to compensate for the lack of closeness and direct contact with other means. That’s why you need to establish a concise strategy in order to get these teams the messages you want Brunei Email List  There are several tools that can help in this mission.

The video feature allows for more human communication

A golden tip: prioritize the use of video Brunei Email List  calls over emails, calls and other types of channels. , even on account of facial and gestural expressions. In this way, it is simpler to generate and maintain relevant connections with employees. Give global Brunei Email List  teams a purpose It’s already been proven that financial goals and rewards aren’t always enough to motivate a team. The most adequate way to do this is from an excellent personnel department management, which involves providing a greater purpose to the teams. It works more or less like establishing the organizational culture. The idea is to make the people involved feel united by a greater objective, in order to carry out their tasks Brunei Email List  with greater motivation. To introduce the company’s culture, promote corporate content and events . From live streaming tools, you can ensure that all global teams have access to materials in real time Brunei Email List . keep in constant contact Finally, it’s crucial to stay in constant contact with global teams.

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