What we’ve found is when nonprofits don’t take Indonesia Email List a strategic approach, they’re often not able to achieve their desired outcome, and even more so, the leadership of these organizations ends up burning out. We’ve seen that happen over and over again, and it’s really a disservice to the sector because we lose such great talent And so without a strong strategic framework, these leaders and their teams end up responding to the multiplicity of needs that confront them, which almost always far exceeds their resources, whether financial or their human capital. Indonesia Email List So they end up being extremely busy but not necessarily moving the needle on what they’re trying to tackle or change in the system. So if these leaders are able to take a step back from their day-to-day activities, apply some strategic rigor to their process, and decide where Indonesia Email List they’re going to allocate their time, talent, and energy, and articulate how they’re going to get there.

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Nadia, I think that gives us a great sense of what a Indonesia Email List strategic approach means for nonprofits, but how does this translate to donors? NADIA: So, for donors, I think they face many similar questions that nonprofits face. So amidst so many needs and demands, they often ask themselves, ‘Where should I allocate my time and resources efficiently and effectively to have the greatest impact?’ For donors, when applying a strategic framework… and what we mean by that is having a clearly defined evidence-based approach to their work that they’re trying Indonesia Email List to do. A strategic approach includes identifying a focus, deciding what approach you’re going to use, are you going to apply education, advocacy, a direct service approach, what will help you achieve the goal you’re trying to get to, and then track and monitor your progress along the way Indonesia Email List. Right? So that’s the arc of a strategic plan.


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And so, for many individual donors and foundations, applying Indonesia Email List a strategic framework can be helpful. The first part of that strategic framework is figuring out where to focus, helping narrow the world of needs down for donors to a piece of a sliver of the system they’re trying to affect. So rather than tackling climate change, or education at large, which can be overwhelming, it can be helpful for donors to narrow that world and say, ‘I’m going to tackle access to education for under-resourced communities in a particular city,’ or something like that, to really identify a piece of the Indonesia Email List bigger puzzle they’re going to try and focus on. Now, after that, some proponents of strategic philanthropy would say donors should continue along that arc, they should still have an evidence-based approach for their strategy, and they should track and monitor the impact Indonesia Email List of their individual philanthropic dollars.

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