How much percentage of our time do we want to spend in proactive mode? We ensure that we continue to learn? How do we ensure that we continue to learn from each other? For what kind of activities do we want to meet physically? What pieces can we take France Phone Number List out of our meetings and do in advance? For how many of our activities are we in a reactive proactive mode?

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He stands for a healthy balance between slow and fast thinking. The proactivity and reactivity. Between effort and relaxation. Working together and alone. Between synchronous and asynchronous communication. Look for a healthy balance with your team. And let no one scorn this movement. Hybrid working is a cry for work that works. For decent work. Who wouldn’t want to embrace this struggle?

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More overview and structure in your working day? Fast and smart hyb work said than. As mentioned in the article, long to-do lists, a busy schedule and other online sprawl (including mail) are the culprits. If you want to learn how to organize your working day in a targeted manner. So that you start and end your day a lot more relaxed, this handy course might be something for you! View the online course Read 7 comments Others also read.

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