Add new site to SE ranking There is a field to fill in the website address and another to assign a name, through which it will be identified in the reports. You can also set the project status as active or inactive, as well as requesting reports to be sent via email. On the next screen, it’s time to enter your keywords. Keywords in SE ranking Include in this list the keywords that are being worked on in your content. The purpose of this is to monitor them in real time in order to obtain information about their ranking in search engines. On the last screen, inform which search engines you want to monitor your keywords. Selection of search engines in SE ranking You can even register your competitors to compare their performance with yours, which helps in defining improvement actions. Competitors in SE ranking The interesting thing is that even without registering competitors it is possible to carry out detailed analysis.

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Finally, you can also link your Google Analytics and Google Search Console account: Link accounts in SE ranking After registering your site, just wait a few minutes or a few hours for SE Ranking to analyze the ranking of your keywords. Then you will have a very complete report. SE Ranking shows the top 100 results for each keyword you have registered (as we only filled in 5, the list was much leaner). With that in hand, you can easily analyze what each competitor is doing to maintain a good position . See below what the panel looks like when several keywords are registered and when some time has passed since the first access to the tool: Source: Christopher Janb Note that the SE Ranking shows what the position of each keyword is, as well as indicating how that ranking has changed over the months. What are the features of SE Ranking? Now that you’ve got an overview of the tool and know how to get started with it, let’s talk a little about each of its main features. Keyword Monitoring SE Ranking tracks all keywords you have registered in real time. This can even be done in several search engines, such as Google, Bing , Yahoo, among others. In addition, you can geographically limit your search by country, region and city.

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keyword research is the starting point for producing relevant content. Therefore, it is essential to use tools that help to discover terms that are being searched in search engines . Google Keyword Planner is among the most used tools, as well as Ubersuggest and SEMrush. Turns out SE Ranking can do that for you too. From one keyword, you can get many others, both short tail and long tail . Similar keywords in SE ranking keyword grouper Organizing the keywords helps in planning content that will be produced in the future. This is a job that would be very difficult to do manually, but SE Ranking makes the task easier for you. It is possible to make combinations of synonyms and words with close meaning. This allows working the semantic field of a keyword more efficiently , distributing all these terms throughout the content, placing them in strategic places. Backlinks Checker When it comes to link building, this goes well beyond inserting three hyperlinks every 500 words in a post. One of the elements that are part of an off page SEO strategy are the backlinks, that is, the internal and external links that point to a page on your website.

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