Holiday celebration plans from Sitecore’s research. When do we start the party shopping? As I mentioned in the intro, 27% plan to start shopping between July and October. 13% of these started purchasing before the end of the Finland Phone Number List summer. Are you already working on this? Marketers also expect that many more consumers will start shopping for the holidays earlier this year. See the chart below. Although the fact remains that most purchases are made at the last minute according.

Last Year to the consumers themselves

This is also against the expectations of marketers. They expect that only 1% of consumers wait until the last minute to buy gifts. When do consumers start shopping for holidays? Because marketers expect that we will start shopping earlier en masse, 45% indicate that they will start the campaigns earlier than last year. So don’t be surprised if you see the first Sinterklaas and Christmas ads appear soon. In addition, 42% of marketers added more domestic or local suppliers to mitigate supply chain challenges.

Finland Phone Number List
Finland Phone Number List

Package wise a handy choice. Then hopefully all our presents will arrive on time this year. Positive Fact: Almost all marketers (94%) are optimistic about a sales increase this holiday season. What do we want? 75% of the respondents indicated that they would rather not get things. What do we want then? Fun parties and experiences!

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