Kennedy, unfortunately, did not experience this again. Confidence in huge challenges Kennedy and his team moved far beyond their comfort zone. Yet they had unwavering faith in the enormous challenge they set themselves. This trust was Romania Phone Number List based on 4 pillars: An ambition that appealed to everyone A core team that wanted to go for it Ambitious goals on the way to the ultimate goal Execution discipline among those involved What can companies learn from this?

John Kennedy moon landing

Four Lessons from John F. Kennedy Lesson 1. Formulate an inspiring ambition Then: By formulating the ambition in a clear, challenging, and ‘beckoning’ perspective, Kennedy made his ambition that of every American. As a result, the Apollo program became a widely supported challenge to which everyone was eager to contribute from their own position. Now: Employees increasingly want to see and understand the (added) value of what they do on a daily basis.

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They want John Kennedy

To contribute to a relevant cause. A higher purpose. Customers also expect more from companies. They want to see and understand what a company stands for. How it makes a difference in the world. Not only with the offer, but especially with the way of working. Also read: Do you have creative leaders in your team? Please don’t do this A well-formulated ambition for your company provides answers to these questions. Such ambition has the character of a higher purpose. A goal that moves everyone in the same direction.

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