that it is cheaper to re-sell to a current customer than to bring in a new customer. So using a content strategy with that goal is a good move because it keeps the customer USA Email List engaged with your business. You can use various types of post-sale content, such as exclusive customer newsletters, to offer new products or discounts in your store. USA Email List  Reduces Customer Acquisition Cost The CAC, Customer Acquisition Cost, is a metric that shows the amount you invest in the Marketing and Sales areas to get a new customer. USA Email List  If winning a new customer is cheap, the revenue generated by it covers the expenses created so far and still makes a profit. Therefore, the objective of any company is for its CAC to be as low as possible. But why am I explaining this? Because most companies still maintain a large commercial team focused USA Email List  on prospecting and inject money into paid media to get new customers.

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These actions do work, but they also result in a high CAC. USA Email List  Even because personnel and advertising are not cheap, do you agree? With a Content Marketing strategy, you reduce CAC by providing materials that eliminate customer doubts at the time of purchase and providing your sales team with ebooks, webinars and other content that can reduce the sales process. You can still use USA Email List  Content Marketing to train your Sales team, improve your lead conversion, build market authority, etc., just to name a few benefits. But of course, before reaping the benefits, you’ll need a well-defined strategy. content strategy plan One of the most overlooked aspects by those who do Content Marketing is that it must be based on an organized and structured strategy to generate results. Understand now what it takes for a successful USA Email List  strategy. Putting a corporate blog on the air and writing a post whenever you like is not Content Marketing! Far from it, actually.

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Content Marketing, in general, is USA Email List  a work in three stages: planning, execution and measurement. And that’s what I’m going to teach you to do now. [Kit] Marketing Planning 2022 Content strategy planning Content Marketing goes far beyond writing. In fact, this is the smallest part. Before, it is necessary to define objectives USA Email List , strategies to use and which metrics to evaluate. Understand how to plan consistently to get good results! Planning is everything that comes before you actually start creating content: choosing themes, language, keywords. It is the moment when you make clear the results you want to obtain with your USA Email List  Content Marketing strategy, the path you will take to get there and how you will measure your progress. Producing content without planning is like taking a car trip without a GPS — you might have fun on the way (especially if you have a car), but you’ll likely end up lost in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire.

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