Wizard – eBook – text on El Salvador Phone Number List  photo And I’m sure we’re all familiar with the content that’s published on Pinterest: Pinterest example – text on images Source: Pinterest Some add text to photos, and others are just a plain text box. The fonts, and font color is what matters here, as well as the font size. El Salvador Phone Number List These are the elements that grab your attention. Let’s look at several types of content you can add text to. Post cover A post cover advertises your content, whether it be from a blog or an ecommerce store. It can be as simple as a color or photo to fill the background, an icon and the heading of the blog post/product: Post Cover – Your Creative Aura example Source: Your Creative Aura Custom images Custom El Salvador Phone Number List images are an excellent resource for any site to have. Rather than using an image from another website, instead they make the image and add their logo: Custom Images –

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Tone Island example Source: Tone Island Infographics and statistics Infographics and statistics incorporate both text and images or icons into a handy digestible read. We’ve had several El Salvador Phone Number List created here on Blogging Wizard: Infographics – Blogging Wizard example Social media posts There is a variety of content on social media from selfies, videos, product pictures and information carousels. Having text on images is very common: Social media posts – Nicola El Salvador Phone Number List Bleu example Source: Nicola Bleu Instagram Memes People add text to photos to create memes. Memes – Google search results Source: Google Search Results This is a simplistic approach and is usually achieved by editing the photo on your phone and El Salvador Phone Number List adding a text box. Quotes Quotes are very popular to share on social media. If you search Instagram you’ll find millions of pictures with quotes. They’re very easy to make,

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