The countdown to the holidays has really begun! We have already passed the 100 days until Christmas. How do consumers prepare for this? And what can we expect this year? Start earlier with the campaigns around the holidays. Benelux residents will Estonia Phone Number List start their shopping earlier this year. Fewer companies indicate that they will participate in Black Friday this year (8%). Be aware of the disappearance of third-party cookies.

The Holidays to organize simple

Start developing marketing strategies in time without these cookies. 63% of marketers say they will accept cryptocurrency as payment this year. Do you have a physical store? Then ensure a special shopping experience. In addition to the decoration, think of virtual reality (VR). The longing for the holidays is great In the Benelux, more than half of consumers under the age of 34 indicate that they want to celebrate more this year. And in the 18 to 24 age group, more plans are made for large parties.

Estonia Phone Number List
Estonia Phone Number List

The Holidays and trips

This group also indicates that they want to get into the party atmosphere earlier this year. Shall we draw raffle tickets earlier this year? And will the Christmas tree also be decorated sooner? On the other hand, there is a group of consumers over 45 who indicate that they want to organize simple holidays with family. The chance that this is related to the fear surrounding the coronavirus is of course real.

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