to promote your best blog Guadeloupe Email List posts, promote products and services, share click-worthy quotes, ask engaging questions and more. Creating new content categories is simple. The process is broken up into three sections. The first is a label for your category, which includes assigning a name and color. socialbee create content Guadeloupe Email List category Content categories work as separate queues. That’s why the second set of settings allows you to select whether you want new posts to automatically appear at the bottom or top of a category’s queue and whether you want posts to requeue after they publish. This Guadeloupe Email List feature is what makes SocialBee so powerful, even without the inclusion of inbox, listening and brand monitoring functionalities. It allows you to fill your social media

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for months and even years to come with Guadeloupe Email List evergreen content. You can also set up separate shortlink settings for categories (SocialBee has their own short link tool or you can integrate a third-party shortlink tool) and configure UTM parameters. The latter feature will help you analyze the performance of each category. Guadeloupe Email List Content sources If you look at the left-hand menu of the Content section, you’ll see several methods you can use to add content to share: RSS Pocket Import Links Import CSV Import Media Zapier Browser Extensions A final Content Approval section is also available. You can use Guadeloupe Email List it to approve or reject content the tool, or your social media specialist if you choose to purchase this additional service, finds for you to share. socialbee hashtag

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