international locations around Cambodia WhatsApp Number List the sector. Source: Twitter Global Impact Report 2020 Twitter consumer demographics Next, allow’s check a few Twitter consumer statistics. The stats beneath inform us extra about who the human beings using Twitter are. 7. 38.5% of Twitter customers ar Cambodia WhatsApp Number List e age 25 to 34 If we observe the global distribution of Twitter users through age, it’s clean that it’s a platform desired by means of Millenials. 38.5% of customers are between the a while of 25 and 34 even as a further 20.7% are age 35 to 49. This means the majority of Twitter’s person base is within the 25 to forty nine age range. 38.5% of Twitter users are age 25 to 34 Source: Statista3 eight. 42% of Twitter Cambodia WhatsApp Number List customers have a college diploma or above The common Twitter consumer is greater well-knowledgeable than the country wide average. Only 31% of all Americans are

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college graduates, as compared to 42% of Twitter users. Forty two% of Twitter users have a university diploma or above Source: Pew Research Center2 nine. Forty one% of Twitter customers Cambodia WhatsApp Number List earn $seventy five,000+ in line with 12 months Not handiest are Twitter users extra well-knowledgeable, however they also have a tendency to earn greater. Forty one% of users earn over 75k according to 12 months however simplest 32% of American adults can say the same. Source: Pew Research Center2 10. The US has more Twitter users than some other u . S . A . There are kind of 73 million Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Twitter customers within the US. Japan comes in 2d region, with fifty five.55 million users, India third at 22.1 million, and the United Kingdom fourth at 17.Fifty five million. What’s interesting approximately that is that, if we examine the number of Twitter users in each united

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