Due to developments in the field of privacy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect data. Where you could previously easily Kazakhstan Phone Number List collect website data with cookies, this is now increasingly difficult. Google even states that third-party and cross-domain tracking cookies will disappear completely within a few years. Unfortunately, this also means that we can no longer use different target groups in our online marketing campaigns and that the source of conversion is becoming increasingly.

Make Sure difficult to trace

Unless you’re using something other than tracking cookies, namely server-side tagging. In this way, you can continue to measure the activities of your website visitors, but just a little differently. I’ll explain what it means and how it works in this article. A privacy-conscious solution It is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to take into account all the new rules regarding privacy preferences. This has consequences for seeing the results of marketing campaigns. A possible solution for these developments.

Kazakhstan Phone Number List
Kazakhstan Phone Number List

Make Sure server-side tag management

This is then forward to, for example, Facebook. This is different with server-side tagging. An intermediate step is ad by a separate server. So that it is not immediately load in the browser. On this server, which is usually managed by the website owner, this is forwarded to the final destination. The positive consequence of this is that you have more influence on what happens because you manage the server yourself.

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