This is the moment that the pre-boarding phase starts, the phase between signing the contract and the first working day. There are many processes that need to initiate at this point. Think of arranging e-mail accounts, ordering materials, and informing colleagues. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate some of these processes? A great step that Germany Phone Number List contributes to the digital transformation of organizations. But you can also automate processes after the first working day (the onboarding phase) to guide the new employee in starting.

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You can think of showing introductory videos or sending reminders for documents that submit. Of course, you also want to receive feedback and evaluate how the working day went. Also, read 7 tips for the best (online) onboarding of new employees In a nutshell. It would be ideal to centrally monitor the onboard status and set off corresponding actions or flows. The digital work environment can offer a solution here. How can the digital work environment support onboarding?

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A digital work environment or social intranet is an ideal place for employees. To find information and connect with each other. You could say that it is the central place, a hub to the necessary information. There are many software packages available that you can use as digital work. Environment, giving organizations the tools to structure the gigantic amount of information available. A number of such software packages fall into the Digital eXperience Platforms (DXP) category. Such as Kentico Xperience, Optimizely, or Sitecore.

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