Audience lists Many marketers use lists to re-reach certain audiences at certain times. Combined with the right strategy, a good target group list can give a big boost to your online visit, number of transactions, and revenue. In the orientation New Zealand Phone Number List process for purchasing large appliances, such as a large television, it is not surprising that a customer waits until an important date.

& Developers to complete the purchase

Especially at times such as Black Friday, when the prices are often sharper than normal, these kinds of purchases are made more. And how nice is it if you can serve these people at their beck and call? These lists come with a big ‘but’: they don’t work retroactively. So the tip for target group lists is that you should create them in time before the orientation process of a product starts.

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Suppose that for television this is an average of 30 days, then it is important to have the target group list collected well in advance of that time. This way you can serve them at the right time via a targeted Search or Shopping ad during this month. 2. Sale Countdown Ads Black Friday is already well establishe in the Netherlands, but of course, it remains an American marketing hype. Many people do not know by heart when Black Friday takes place.

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