Here, it is worth remembering that internet Saint Helena Email List  speed is important in both points, both at the transmitter and at the receiver. Unlike conventional streaming, where you can pause, rewind, or fast forward through content, dropped connections can Saint Helena Email List  prevent much of the content from consuming  unless it’s made available later. How did this trend come about? Although the term gained greater popularity with the digital transformation , the first Live Streaming’s were carried out long before the introduction of broadband, when the web was Saint Helena Email List  still slow and did not reach as many users. The first record that exists comes from Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley and home to several technology companies. In June Saint Helena Email List , a band called Severe Tire Damage played at Xerox headquarters while, in another part of the building, scientists discussed a technology that would be able to transmit real-time data over the Internet.

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Why is it growing more and more? What are the benefits for companies? Saint Helena Email List  How to make Live Streaming successful? How to make  Saint Helena Email List Live Streaming known to the public? What are the best tools for Live Streaming? Keep reading and check it out! What is Live Streaming? Surely, you are familiar with streaming services. Netflix and Spotify are some of the most common examples in this category, Saint Helena Email List  which consists of data transmission (audio and/or video) via computer network. In other words, it is possible to consume the content without the need to perform downloads , Saint Helena Email List  which marks a revolution for the most experienced in the digital environment. When we talk about Live Streaming, therefore, we are dealing with a data transmission that takes place live, as the term “live” indicates. Thus, anyone with access to the appropriate tools can transmit their content Saint Helena Email List  in real time to users in different places.

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One thing led to another and the Saint Helena Email List music played by the group became a guinea pig for the experiment. Success was confirmed when scientists, located in Australia, confirmed that they were able to follow the entire transmission. A year later, it was the Rolling Stones’ turn to use technology for the first time, broadcasting a musical Saint Helena Email List  event to a wider audience. As a tribute, Severe Time Damage opened the event. Popularization Even with the interest of great artists and producers, Live Streaming Saint Helena Email List  did not become a popular resource at the time, simply because of the low quality of the internet. So, we jump to 2005, the year marked by the launch of YouTube. Allowing users to post their own video content in a simplified way, YouTube has developed and has become one Saint Helena Email List  of the pillars of digital democratization. Six years after it was launched, the platform has given life to a feature that has put Live Streaming in the spotlight once and for all: a service where users can stream their own streams.

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