Given the importance of the editorial calendar in  newzealand-email-database Content Marketing strategies , companies tend to plan the main subjects, formats and campaigns worked on their blogs, social networks and e-commerces in advance. And this is a strongly recommended action. However, what to do when an unexpected event — especially an event with the magnitude of the crisis generated by COVID-19 — completely changes the routine newzealand-email-database , interests and behavior of people around the world? To help with this time that requires us to adapt immediately, we’ve put together some content ideas for your brand to stay relevant during the Coronavirus pandemic. You will also find some recommendations for communicating with proper ethics in this situation. Check out: The importance of maintaining your Content Marketing strategy during the pandemic The impact of COVID-19 on research around the world 10 Content Ideas to Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Necessary care when producing materials during the crisis

Follow with us! The importance of maintaining your Content Marketing  newzealand-email-database strategy during the pandemic Although COVID-19 is in the focus of the media and people right now, several issues related to behavior, religion, entertainment and technology newzealand-email-database , for example, continue to be highly researched. The population is on the alert, of course, and right now many people — including its consumers — are looking for solutions that until a few months ago they never imagined looking for. However, even though we are living in an exceptional situation, people’s lives continue: the basic needs are the same, daily problems persist and personal, professional and social goals are maintained (even if they are postponed). This means that even if your brand is not directly linked to health or science, for example, it is still relevant to your audience. However, as people in general are very  newzealand-email-database sensitive, adjusting their content and language may be necessary to avoid negative interpretations. What companies should never do is ignore the situation. The impact of COVID-19 on research around the world newzealand-email-database  The change in behavior in society is evident, and this goes far beyond distancing policies. In just a few days, the commitments,

Priorities and interests of people around the world changed radically.

All the spotlights are on Coronavirus and its epidemiological, social and economic implications. This movement is observed in research trends worldwide. Coronavirus search interest newzealand-email-database  in the world Data recorded in April 2020 Google has created a special Coronavirus section wit newzealand-email-database hin Google Trends , its tool for analyzing search trends. In it, there is a compilation of the main statistics generated by the searches as a result of the pandemic. Analyzing the information presented, the first thing we notice is the anxiety surrounding the subject. Of course, many people want to know how to prepare for and protect themselves from Covid-19. most popular content on how to prevent coronavirus Data recorded in April 2020 Another interesting point is the sudden increase in searches for related topics, especially the keyword “quarantine”. search interest for quarantine, alcohol gel, isolation, mask and hand washing in brazil Data recorded in April 2020 In this scenario of so much uncertainty, people are looking for information to guide themselves, to deal with the implications of the moment, to distract themselves from the bombardment of bad news, to feel better, or even to contribute in some way.

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