Once upon a time there was a city that, because of a very evil virus Dominican Republic Email List , had to be closed to protect its residents. Make-believe is one of the tools many mothers use to teach good manners and explain difficult subjects to their children. But, what about when they themselves don’t have the answers to the problem, they live with the same fears and the effects caused by Dominican Republic Email List  the villain of the story? They dress sometimes like princesses, sometimes like warriors, and fight. They show strength, organization and hope  Dominican Republic Email List . The Covid-19 pandemic is one of those difficult villains to deal with and understand. It has already distanced us from loved ones, changed our habits, temporarily closed schools, shook the economy and placed thousands of professionals in a new work routine, the remote .

What armor is needed to deal with school routines

And how to bring lightness Dominican Republic Email List  and serenity in this case? , closed stores, healthy eating schedules for the family, video conference meetings with customers while children fight for control of the television? Most of the time, mothers have all these answers, even if they don’t admit it. But, even so, we brought to this post everything they need, that is, some tips and a good dose of empathy and recognition . Dominican Republic Email List  So, follow this post: Challenges of telecommuting and motherhood Good practices for organizing professional and family routine Dominican Republic Email List  Lessons that mothers teach for times like social isolation Testimonials from mothers from different parts of the world and how they are dealing with this moment Come on? Challenges of reconciling remote work and motherhood Taking care of their children is a shared responsibility, Dominican Republic Email List  but fathers and mothers live this experience differently, especially when this care is mixed with the work environment.

Share the same physical space With the need for isolation

work and school began to Dominican Republic Email List  share the same space, often the same computer, printer and other audiovisual equipment . Just as the company’s appointments are scheduled for school-age children, online classes are also a must that needs to be done properly. Unlike adults, however, children are unable to maintain regular attention to what is being addressed in video classes and often disperse. Take on the role of teachers It is also not uncommon for children to have difficulty dealing with the digital Dominican Republic Email List tools adopted by the school or are unable to carry out the proposed activities and, as a consequence, need direct supervision. This is a great challenge for mothers, after all, in addition to having to share resources and their time, many are afraid if they have the necessary didactics to help their children with their studies and how much this could impact their education in the future.

Create a family routine Remote work

For most professionals, must be performed according Dominican Republic Email List  to the workload. But, how are the children in this period if they are now indoors? In everyday life, they would be full-time in schools, taking extracurricular classes or under the supervision Dominican Republic Email List  of another adult, such as nannies or even grandparents. However, many parents have had to change their routine at home and, without the support of family, friends and other types of help, they need to create routines to combine work and activities for the children , who are full of energy and restless because they are idle. . Not being able to rely on the support network When a baby is born, a mother, father, grandparents, uncles, godmothers and a multitude of supporters who love and serve as support for the family in the Dominican Republic Email List  most diverse situations are also born.

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