We’re training people to look at whether or not the El Salvador Email List assumptions that we have about what is rigorous, or the right way to do research, may be based on a reference standard that doesn’t include everyone, doesn’t value voices. Lived experience is a form of expertise that needs to go hand in hand with data, and so community-engaged methods is one of the things that we’re really lifting up now for all of our scholars to be able to have more tools in the El Salvador Email List tool belt. Sue Urahn: Well, I completely agree with Sarah. These are really critical steps that we are only just beginning to really dive into, and I think there’s a lot more to be done there. But I would also say if you look outside, some of the things we are doing are not things we’ve not El Salvador Email List done in the past, but we’re trying to do them more and more intentionally.

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So, more transparency so that people are very clear about what El Salvador Email List is our methodology, who did we talk to, how did we do this work, making that data available. More context when the data comes out so that it’s harder for people to misinterpret what we say, and we’re learning about that all the time as we go. More efforts to reach out to different populations El Salvador Email List with the research that we have so that they understand it. So again, these are things we’ve done, but we’re just doing them more and more intentionally as we just try to navigate these very choppy waters. Sarah Rosen Wartell: So, one of the things that I think is a new phenomenon is El Salvador Email List thinking about how you communicate insights and research.

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Both of our organizations have been working on this for at least El Salvador Email List the last decade that I’ve known Sue. When you start to think about how people learn in a world where people are highly polarized, it’s not that they don’t trust the information. They don’t even always engage with it. So, on the one hand, we are mining research and data for evidence. On the other hand, the number of people who are going to digest a spreadsheet, or a wonky piece of information El Salvador Email List, is relatively limited. So, you think about, as Sue said, transparency. There may be the tweet or the simple data visualization. But you’ve got to be able to link down through that to something that describes the methodology, to something that gives you access to the data and El Salvador Email List realize that you have a very segregated audience with different information needs.

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