Without the offer of distractions, Finland Email List, cinemas and other amenities of our daily lives, families are learning new ways to enjoy their own company. Of course, there are easier days and more difficult ones, so avoid following the news and statistics of the new coronavirus pandemic all the time, as they cause even more suffering and apprehension. Instead, choose a specific time per day and follow an official source and set aside the rest to make  Finland Email List  your rest minutes happier. Also remember that no mother is alone in this battle and, to show this, we invite other women who work directly or indirectly with Rock Content Finland Email List  to share a little about their routines and solutions for remote work and motherhood. Testimonials from mothers on the challenges of telecommuting during the Covid-19 pandemic Navara Lima, Account Manager Associate — Brazil The routine of a professional mother is full of surprises and challenges, but also many unique moments.

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Since I got pregnant, I made the decision to work as a micro Finland Email List -entrepreneur and share my work routine with my mother’s routine. My son, who is now 8 years old, has accompanied me throughout many activities that I have performed over the years. Finland Email List  There were times when I fought a lot with him, but I also put him on my lap to “help” me in my work. I always liked to explain to him what I was doing, what it meant and how I did it. Even though he didn’t understand everything (or almost nothing), that moment brought him closer to me and he felt important for understanding Mom’s work. Rock is the first formal job I have since my son was born. I didn’t think I would experience Finland Email List this scenario again so soon in my life. It’s challenging. Every day is a struggle, but also a learning experience. We live milder days and others like an infinite storm. But they are always opportunities for growth: for me as a professional and as a mother, but also for him, as a person and as a child. Nayara Lima Débora Passarella Finland Email List , Freelance Copywriter — Brazil My routine changed drastically and absurdly.

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Before, my mother helped me Finland Email List  every day and I was able to work with peace of mind. Now she is far away from us, isolated in her home, and I am with my twins, working, taking care of them, and balancing a hectic routine in uncertain times . Every day I’m scared and sometimes I cry without realizing it. I’m afraid for my husband, who needs to go to work, I’m afraid for my family Finland Email List members, for the people I love and miss. It’s been very difficult, but I’m following my kids, the loves of my life. The prettiest little reasons I’ve ever created. Debora Passarella Sofia Huerta, Senior Content Marketing Analyst LATAM — Mexico I always dreamed of being a mother and being an example to my children. Finland Email List But when it finally came time for my baby to be home, I found that being a mother and being the best version of myself, to teach him, was a big challenge. In this adventure, Rock, and the possibility of working remotely, has been an incredible opportunity and a perfect ally for my family, as it allowed me to continue developing as a professional and being close to my little one — whenever he needs me. Even now, in times of quarantine, we found a way to work together.

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