WordPress dashboard, go to Venezuela Phone Number List Performance → Extensions and activate the CloudFlare extension: W3 Total Cache eleven – Activate Cloudflare extension You’ll come again to this extension in a chunk, however first, you want to set up your web site with Cloudflare. How to set up and configure Cloudflare for WordPress Venezuela Phone Number List Now, it’s time to deal with putting in your WordPress site with the Cloudflare provider. Then, when you do this, you’ll join W3 Total Cache to Cloudflare thru the extension that you simply enabled above. Step 1: Sign up for a Cloudflare account and add your website Head on over to the Cloudflare internet site and sign up for an account. Once you create your account, Cloudflare will prompt you to add you Venezuela Phone Number List r website. Enter the URL of your web page and click Add website: Cloudflare 01 – Add new web page Cloudflare will now show you a pricing web

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page that makes it appear to be you ought to sign on for a paid plan. You don’t – don’t be fooled! Just scroll down beneath the paid plans and choose the loose plan. Then, click on Continu Venezuela Phone Number List e: Cloudflare 02 – Scroll down to unfastened plan Step 2: Verify your DNS records Now, Cloudflare will scan your website’s DNS information. I know this might appear complicated, but genuinely all you want to do is verify which you see the orange “Proxied” cloud subsequent in your fundamental domain name (that you have to through default). Then, click on Continue: Cloudflare 03 – Verify DNS information Venezuela Phone Number List Advanced customers may need to tinker here, however ninety nine% of web sites don’t want to trade whatever. Basically, except you understand what you’re looking at, there’s no purpose to alternate whatever. Step 3: Update your nameservers In the final step, you’ll want to

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