In this article, I will discuss how the digital work environment can support the pre-and onboarding of new employees. Imagine, the job interview has just complex and in a new suitable colleague. A tool for this is the digital work environment.  Perhaps the Iceland Phone Number List new employee has opted for the personal approach and pleasant contact with the company. It is therefore recommended that the face-to-face moments, including introduction and introduction to the team, continue.

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It is of course nice to have support from automation. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if colleagues and teams were automatically invite for a personal introduction? When do new employees start working? Focus on smoothing out internal processes Before you can start automating pre- and onboarding processes. It is recommended that the internal processes are in order. Ensure that the implementation of the onboarding program contributes enough to bind and support new employees, which leads to a lower turnover.

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Digitization in itself should not be the goal! Apply automation of processes where it is necessary and where it saves time for the HR professionals. Privacy also plays an important role in automation. Check whether the personal data may for automation. Get employee approval where necessary and then process it appropriately. To work? Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gained inspiration. To get star with automating your pre-and onboarding processes.

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