When it is Black Friday, the discounts on those products are no longer so huge, even though your visitors think they are. In addition, by buying 1 product your visitors have changed from ‘visitor’ to ‘customer’, which I sometimes call the ‘McDonald’s’ effect. Come in, buy UK Phone Number List a burger for €1 and the step to an entire menu has suddenly become small. Who does this very well? Top performers in the application of this principle are IKEA and McDonald’s.

Tool Must attractive approach

There is always something you can buy for €1 at those companies. At McDonald’s, you have the hamburgers for €1, and at IKEA you can eat unlimited ice cream for €1. In many cases, the original price is reported (or you know that it is a very low price), whereby the feeling of discount and of ‘visitor to customer’ is made in one fell swoop. The 1 euro burger from McDonald’s. How can you apply this As a marketer, you want your visitors to see.

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That there is a huge discount

With Black Friday, that is also the principle. So this shouldn’t be a problem. Make it clear that a huge amount of the original has been removed. Make use of colors here (for example, the old price in red and the new price in black) and with crossed-out texts. An even more attractive approach is that you make a number of products even cheaper. Products or loafers that are a ‘no-brainer’ for your visitors.

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