The results of the National E-mail Survey 2021 show that e-mail can indeed be a party. The research clearly shows that e-mail has grown into a versatile communication, registration, and marketing channel in 50 years. And if you zoom in on the Dominican Republic Phone Number List figures for 2021, you can only draw one conclusion: e-mail is still very much alive. In the study, 22 general conclusions and 11 specific learnings are elaborated.

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Well-known e-mail experts also have their say. Including Lonieke Schepers, winner of the DDMA E-mail Professional of the Year 2020. in the top 5 of the National E-mail Survey this year: Only 4% of the Dutch think e-mail is old-fashioned. 67% of the Dutch use email to receive offers and exclusive deals. Even 65+ now prefer to read e-mail on a smartphone. 86% of the Dutch have subscribed to one or more mailings in the past year.

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Dominican Republic Phone Number List

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At least one purchase via the email channel in the past year. Good to know: in 2013, only 11% of the over-65s preferred to read e-mails on a smartphone, but now all Dutch people prefer to do so. Also people over 65. An important learning from the research is therefore to choose a truly mobile-first approach for the layout of your mailings. Even if you sit in front of two huge desktop screens all day. Or something sharper: the text in your images can be read on a 24-inch screen, but can someone over 50 also do that on their mobile?

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