The important thing is for him Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  to feel that you are offering what he needs. 4. Change the way you sell Despite the care required, it’s okay to talk about your product or service — even more of it can be of some use at this point. Information is now vital, as it brings it closer together and helps with dissemination. Take advantage of social networks to promote your products; make videos, tutorials and consultancies. Be present where your customer is: on the computer scree. make a difference Diversification of content and social media Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  is a good bet. Refer to lives and webinars . Invest in interactivity, remembering that on the other side there is a person who needs to be impacted by something valuable and that the offers can be many. That’s why you need to differentiate yourself and get attention. Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List Educate This is a good time to educate the market. Now may not be the time to close many deals, but brand building never hurts. So, bet on all the ways to get to the customer’s home, because that’s where most people are now. Think of creative solutions. And always  Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  remember that at times like this you can choose one of two sides: crisis or create . It’s just a matter of perspective.

Lead generation: what is it and how to sell more through digital channels

Have you ever heard of lead generation? Lead is any Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  person who demonstrates interest in a company’s product or service in some way, through contact channels established by the organization itself or implicitly. This is the second stage in the Inbound Marketing consumer journey and covers people most likely to become customers of the business Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List . Lead generation, in turn, is the process that encompasses the generation, attraction and conversion of these leads into potential customers , that is, people who have somehow indicated a preference for products and services that, from a contact or experience, become make consumers and, who knows, promoters of the brand. When lead generation happens organically, the sales result is more promising. On the other hand, there are different types of leads. The ranking will depend directly on the stage of the consumption journey they are on. In this article, you will understand how the lead generation process is, Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  why this is an important strategy and how to build a lead generation campaign in digital channels.

What is lead generation?

See below: Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List Why invest in this strategy in the digital environment? How to generate leads on digital channels? What is lead generation? It’s not enough to create digital content to generate leads. The lead generation process encompasses many strategies that, combined, become a unique way to attract people who are initially unaware of the brand, but naturally become interested in the products and services that Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  the company offers. When a complete stranger enters into a relationship with a brand, the transition from a simple lead to a satisfied customer happens much more naturally. This relationship can start from a genuine interest in the credibility of this company in the market, or the suggestion of friends and acquaintances, for example. It is for this reason that companies are so eager for visibility in the environment in Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  which they operate. Brand awareness is also another way to increase the relevance of the business in the market, as it guarantees increased results based on the perception of value from customers. But it is the company’s visibility that guarantees the familiarity Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List  of customers with the brand in the first contact, and allows them to prefer this familiar identity over the competition.

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