Think With Google studies point to some trends in the search bar Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers , such as that searches are turning into conversations. Searches like “can I use Paypal on Amazon” or “which laptop should I buy” are on the rise. think with google research In addition, Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  the seeker is also becoming a personal advisor. “Best car insurance for me” or “best restaurant near me” are search terms that show users’ intent to meet their personal needs. In the video below, Google’s search manager helps you understand how people’s needs shape search engine searches . There are six basic needs they seek to solve when using Google: surprise me; thrill me; Impress me; Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  educate me; reassure me; help me. Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  In addition to meeting people’s needs, your content should also use natural language, with synonyms and words related to the main theme of the content, just as you would if you were explaining the subject to someone else.

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If Google understands human language Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers , it will understand what you are talking about and what the user is searching for. So, when the algorithm digs through the search index, your page can be chosen to deliver the response that the user seeks. 3. Learn to handle click-free searches Google is reducing organic traffic to your site. Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  This news may scare a lot of people, but it is the consequence of changes in Google’s algorithm to provide faster and more useful responses to users. Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  A SparkToro study shows that many clicks still go to organic and paid results, but half of the searches don’t generate any clicks at all, probably because the answer is ready-made on SERP . And this trend is increasing every year: sparktoro study So how do you deal with this drop in organic traffic, which has always been one of SEO’s Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  primary goals? First, you can adopt strategies that help maintain organic site hits . Rand Fishkin, the SparkToro, i TIP that the search keyword prioritize the terms that have high Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  click through rate in the SERP, not necessarily a large volume of searches.

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With them, your website is more likely to receive clicks Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers. Also, focus on long-tail keywords, which generally don’t generate ready-made responses from Google. Another way to handle click-free searches is to optimize your site for featured snippets , Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers which are Google’s “zero position”. They appear above the search results, with a snippet taken from a page that delivers the response the user is looking for. Then you can optimize your content so that Google looks for those answers on your pages. For that, it is important to format the  Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers content according to the formats that Google uses to present the featured snippets: paragraphs, tables, lists and numbered lists. That’s what happens with this Rock Content blog Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers  post, for example: featured snippet Also, realize that in order to get results with SEO, you don’t necessarily need to generate traffic .

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