That is where you will distribute your content Venezuela Email List. Here it is important to emphasize that a good channel is the one where your persona is. It’s no use posting content on Twitter if your persona doesn’t even know this social network, okay? Also, choose only channels that you can really focus on. It’s better not to be on a channel Venezuela Email List  than to have a bad presence who only posts occasionally and never really creates a relationship. That said, let’s go to the main acquisition channels that currently exist, their advantages and some data: Venezuela Email List  Blog According to Content Trends 2018, blog posts are the second most used strategy by companies, with 70.5% adherence. He is second only to social networks, with 89.2% of the preference. It is often the foundation of a Content All Categories Marketing strategy because it offers a range of possibilities, both in supported content types and Venezuela Email List  options to convert leads and generate more business opportunities.

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But the biggest benefit of blogging Venezuela Email List  for a strategy is that all the traffic you get to the blog is yours. You are not liable to lose your entire audience with traffic borrowed from another platform, as happens on social networks. Also, the simple act of blogging drives traffic to your website. Proof of this is that companies that publish blog posts receive about 3.7 times more visits per month! Venezuela Email List  Social networks Nowadays it is impossible to think of a Content Marketing strategy that does not include social media . That’s because the benefits of these platforms are many—branding, audience engagement, generating blog traffic and sales leads, and so on. Furthermore, the demand for content on social media grows every year. A Hubspot survey revealed that between 2014 and 2016 alone, content consumption Venezuela Email List  on Facebook increased by 57%, on Twitter by 25%, and on LinkedIn by 21%. No wonder that 94.4% of Brazilian companies are present on social networks, according to Social Media Trends 2018 .

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videos Using videos in your Venezuela Email List Content Marketing strategy is a powerful initiative to increase your authority in the market and educate your audience and one that is expected to grow even more in the coming years. The forecast is that, in 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be videos, according to a Cisco report . One of the great advantages of video content is that it is easy to consume on many types of devices, such as cell phones, tablets Venezuela Email List , etc. In addition, this format has a high perception of value by the viewer, while it is cheaper and easier to make than it looks. Rich materials Rich materials are pieces like ebooks, Venezuela Email List  templates and white papers, which have even more valuable and informative content than blog posts. Producing rich materials is an excellent way to show that your company is an authority on something. After all, you have enough knowledge to talk about it in depth and still Venezuela Email List  educate the market.

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