When doing an internet search, how many Italy Phone Number List  times have you used Bing , Microsoft’s search engine? Probably not many, after all, the reality in this sector is quite clear: Google dominates the market with an 83.31% share . But that doesn’t mean you should Italy Phone Number List  set aside other seekers. Therefore, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Bingbot concept. With so much content on the internet, which Digital Marketing professional doesn’t want to get a better position in search engines? For that, it is necessary to know how it works, for example, the Italy Phone Number List  SEO for Bing and, consequently, the criteria adopted by the search engine algorithm. By better understanding the factors taken into account, it is easier to take more precise actions  Italy Phone Number List . Therefore, we will cover the following topics in this article: What is Bingbot? How does Bingbot work in practice? How to make the most of this feature.

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Why is understanding Bingbot important?  Italy Phone Number List How about, then, delving a little deeper into this concept? Keep reading this content to clear all your doubts! What is Bingbot? Bingbot is the robot developed by Microsoft to track all content published on the internet and, according to its criteria, define the placement of each page of Bing results. That is, it is software — Italy Phone Number List  also known as a crawler — that crawls and indexes all public pages. For a long time, Microsoft used MSNbot to do this job. In 2010, however, the algorithm was updated and thus Bingo Italy Phone Number List  was born. It is from the verification process carried out by this robot that all pages on the internet become part of the Bing directory and, based on certain factors, are then placed in the search results. How does Bingbot work in practice? Bing’s robot works very similarly to Googlebot .

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He searches the internet daily to Italy Phone Number List  find new pages and updates , always improving the presentation of results. After all, a page that was not used to applying certain best practices can, little by little, improve its positioning with an SEO work , and Bingbot is responsible for this identification. Italy Phone Number List In short, it works like this: discovery: when it finds new URLs spread across the internet; tracking: when the pages found are analyzed in their entirety; extraction: to separate the links  Italy Phone Number List and continue discovering new pages; indexing: the stage of organizing all content; ranking: the moment to rank the pages. The video below well summarizes how an increasingly intelligent search is performed on Bing, ensuring a better user experience : How to make the most of this feature? To get the most out of Bingo Italy Phone Number List , you need to understand its main features.

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