This, therefore, influences the ROI, New Zealand Phone Number List  customer retention, acquisition of new ones by recommendation, among other advantages. What are the best strategies? In this topic, we’ll understand how to put into practice everything we’ve already explained for you to achieve the benefits of brand compliance.  New Zealand Phone Number List 1. Set standards To ensure this consistency, rules and standards need to be established. In this sense, it is worth carrying out an assessment of all relevant aspects of the brand, in order to generate an image of it. Think about patterns on how to use your company logo in New Zealand Phone Number List  different contexts, patterns of terms to reinforce your voice, colors that convey what you want, fonts, among other factors we’ve already mentioned.

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Think of this standardization as a form of documentation. Thus New Zealand Phone Number List , you can use technological tools to share with employees, such as a web portal or some internal system. Several companies develop manuals with general information about the brand to help employees. The MailChimp is an interesting example. Rock Content also has one . Mailchimp Style Guide It is essential to New Zealand Phone Number List  emphasize that each specific action needs to be analyzed carefully. The rules for paid media advertising are unique, and so are those for email marketing. Although the definitions share some global factors, each channel must be faced differently, according to the specifics of each one.  New Zealand Phone Number List  Train with the team Spreading brand compliance values ​​is essential. You must ensure the education and training of employees so that everyone is aware of these rules and standards.

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Thus, it is possible to really guarantee that these aspects are respected in the channels and at the interaction points.  New Zealand Phone Number List  Create surveys To develop consistency and identify the defining aspects of the business, conducting surveys is interesting. With this analysis, the company will arrive at a notion of the market, of how to operate and position itself, as well as customer expectations. Through this study, very similar to others you have already done, it is possible to arrive at the necessary answers and compose the puzzle that forms the image of the brand.  New Zealand Phone Number List  Monitor the results After setting up the strategy, it is necessary to monitor, after all, we are talking about compliance. Management needs to monitor approaches and ensure that standards are being met and maintained. Monitoring gathers information and metrics that allow for further adjustments and changes. As we’ve seen, marketing management needs standards.

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