In no time, hospitals will be expanded, sectoral support actions will be organized (‘help the hospitality industry), new online, takeaway and delivery services will be introduced, home education will be arranged and volunteers will be Afghanistan Phone Number List mobilized (‘just people who want to help people). . The much-des private equity society unintentionally given an impulse. The corona crisis shows where there is a will.

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In the coming years, we will move faster over obstacles and objections under the motto: we could do that during the corona crisis, right? Volunteers pick up trash. Partnership marketing Many companies and institutions kept afloat. The crisis by loyal customers, employees, suppliers, and financiers. Loyalty pays off not only in normal times but especially in times of crisis. More attention paid to the loyalty of employees and customers in the broadest sense of the word.

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Partnership marketing through co-creation, crowd working ( sourcing, servicing, and funding ), platforms, and communities. You have to have it from your friends, especially in times of crisis. And more employees and customer loyalty also mean more money. As you do, as you meet is the motto here. 10. Meaning Economy Meaning and signification As a result of increasing uncertainty and dissatisfaction, meaning is becoming increasingly important for people.

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