Sensibility origin age prejudices but will seem to have approached the opposite student by adopting characteristics of the latter. Something similar to the behavior of the French students of the s who went on Sundays to talk to the workers wearing work uniforms. But on the other hand the students may deceive the teacher with identical remarks thus giving him the impression that they come from identical persons. Which is not true. Just as it would be a mistake for a psychiatrist to assume that all of his clients.

Have lost their individuality

Joined prefabricated categories But all these difficulties contribute to the game becoming interesting and the teacher avoiding Jewelry Retouching Service standardization and repetition. Where therefore are his sorrows and perhaps the bitterness of teaching These may be related to him or to his students. In the first case is classified his inability to convey exactly what he knows. Weakness which the student does not perceive since he does not know but which torments the teacher more and more the more he knows. The novice teacher has the satisfaction of conscientiously imparting his knowledge. However as these become deeper they are transmitted with greater difficulty as happens with everything essential. In other words we are faced with the oxymoronic situation of a teacher who because he knows something very well finds it difficult to convey it.

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When he says about something

Tat it is so at the same time he knows that it is not exactly so. Except that not exactly gets to the point and that’s why it slips away. The USA Phone List teacher’s other regret is the realization no longer of his general and abstract inability to get his message across but of his concrete failure to get it across and get it across to a particular student. And No Matter How Successful He Has. Been With Most of Them Failing With Even. One Gives Him Feelings of Guilt. Especially When This Relationship Contains Elements of Mental and Moral . And of Course No One is Responsible for That or at Least They Shouldn’t Be. But the Teacher Will Lay the Greatest Fault on Himself Considering That He. Was in a Position to Anticipate the Reactions With Greater Composure. And to Diagnose in Time the Causes and Occasions That Caused Them.

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