of happy customers now regularly Ireland Email List use the FabFitFun hashtag. fabfirfun user generated content You can replicate this model by creating a hashtag for your brand or at least related to your brand. Then make your hashtag a necessary action to enter your competitions. You can also use your hashtag in Instagram photo contests to Ireland Email List keep track of submissions. 16. Rebrand – @above.the.loop A rebrand is a critical moment in your business journey, and a giveaway is a fantastic method to give your transition an extra push. ABOVE THE LOOP is an online sneaker retailer in the UK. They recently went through a rebrand Ireland Email List and took the opportunity to run an Instagram giveaway to celebrate with followers. above the loop rebrand instagram giveaway

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As you’d expect from a sneaker brand, the Ireland Email List winner becomes the owner of a brand new pair of shoes. However, to celebrate the special occasion, friends tagged by the winner are eligible to receive a mystery prize. This sweet addition raises the stakes of the competition resulting in more engagement. Instagram giveaways Ireland Email List FAQs Q: What can I giveaway on Instagram? According to Facebook’s policies, as long as you avoid promoting drug and alcohol treatment and gambling, you can choose just about any prize for your Instagram giveaway. Keep in mind that contests and sweepstakes fall under Ireland Email List state gaming laws which means you may need to register with your local council if your prize exceeds a certain value. It’s always best

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