that allows you to stream live Lebanon Email List videos. If you want to quickly and effortlessly engage with your followers and potentially reach new users, going Live can be a good way to do it. To go live, simply head to the create tab and select live. You can add a title to your video and even schedule it ahead of time so that your users know Lebanon Email List to tune in. You can also add fundraising features if you want your followers to contribute to your stream. Instagram followers tip 15 – going live Going live can sometimes be nerve-wracking, so it’s well worth planning some content such as games or quizzes ahead of time. You can also Lebanon Email List do a Q&A live stream so that followers old and new can learn more about you. 16. Try making Reels Reels are Instagram’s answer to TikTok,

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and if you haven’t made one yet – where have you Lebanon Email List been? Since the Reels function was released, creators have been remarking on how effective they are for making your account more discoverable. Most people agree that Instagram’s algorithm pushes reels a lot, so if you’re trying to gain more followers, it’s well worth Lebanon Email List giving Reels a go. Instagram followers tip 16 – making reels If you’re unsure about where to start, spend some time watching the Reels feed and find out what’s trending. Jump on the bandwagon and use trending sounds and filters to maximize the discoverability Lebanon Email List of your clips. 17. Use your Instagram QR code If you run a physical store or restaurant, then the Instagram QR code feature can help you to gain new followers by

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