followers. Also, note how they Hong Kong Email List use slang, “tag a mate,” to add personality to the contest instructions. 2. Follower milestone – @steinwayhalluk Steinway & Sons crafts pianos of the greatest quality while providing piano events, education, and services. They recently ran a giveaway to help them reach 10k followers on Hong Kong Email List Instagram, which unlocks valuable features like sharing external links in your stories. Steinwayhalluk 10k milestone instagram giveaway Milestones are a convenient reason to celebrate with your followers with a fun competition. Furthermore, a giveaway could be the catalyst that Hong Kong Email List helps you reach significant goals. You may have noticed that Steinway promoted their Instagram giveaway on their website. This is a practical

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approach to turn your website visitors into Hong Kong Email List Instagram followers. Take it a step further and host your Instagram contest on your website using a tool like SweepWidget. With SweepWidget, you can easily add entry methods from other social media channels to encourage cross-promotion. And you’ll save a ton of time trying to manually Hong Kong Email List track entries and award a winner with its automated randomized winner selection feature. 3. Caption contest – @kimpton Kimpton Harper is a boutique hotel that runs weekly Instagram caption giveaways to boost engagement. kimpton harper instagram Hong Kong Email List caption contest The idea is simple. The best caption wins the prize. A caption contest challenges and stimulates your followers to get creative and pause

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