followers with fun games Indian Email List regularly. livetorchlight instagran challange ideas To win a $25 gift card, participants need to tag a friend. When Torchlight Townhouses comments “Freeze,” the last person who commented wins. Freeze tag is one of many Instagram challenges you can run to keep your followers on their toes while Indian Email List also reaching new audiences through tag referrals. 7. Joint giveaway – @biome Biome is a sustainable and cruelty-free online retail store and regularly partners with ethical brands to do joint Instagram giveaways. biome joint instagram giveaway In this example, Biome collaborated Indian Email List with a cloth nappy brand, Designer Bums—where both businesses offer a $250 gift voucher to the winner. To enter the giveaway, participants need to tap

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on the link in Biome’s Instagram bio, which Indian Email List is a creative way to drive clicks to their online store. Doing joint Instagram giveaways is an effective strategy for increasing your prize values and adding variety for your followers. We’ve seen examples with up to 5 partners, all offering unique prizes. And in the case of Biome, a store gift Indian Email List voucher is attracting highly qualified leads with a strong buyer intent to the online shop. 8. Voting contest – @lovito_official Lovito is a women’s online clothing brand and uses Instagram voting contests to test different fashion ranges and increase engagement. lovito instagtam Indian Email List voting challenge To enter the competition, users need to follow and vote on their favorite pattern. Entries are limited to one comment for

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