states to the total population of Cameroon WhatsApp Number List that united states, it indicates Twitter has relatively tons greater market penetration in tier-1 international locations than in emerging/developing nations like India. This is not equally actual of different social systems. For instance, Facebook has greater customers in India than in every other country. The US has extra Twitter users than some other united states Source: Statista2 eleven. Sixty eight.5% of Twitter customers Cameroon WhatsApp Number List are male While handiest 31.Five% are lady. For some motive, Twitter reports a miles much less even gender distribution than other social networks and is without a doubt favored via guys. For contrast, forty nine% of Instagram users are female while fifty Cameroon WhatsApp Number List one% are men. Source: We Are Social Twitter utilization statistics Now we recognise who’s using Twitter, allow’s test how they’re using it. Here are a few stats that shed

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some mild on the ways in which Twitter customers interact with the platform. 12. Seventy nine% of Twitter users follow manufacturers Unlike Facebook, where most users handiest engage with Cameroon WhatsApp Number List their buddies and circle of relatives, many Twitter customers comply with and have interaction with brands they prefer. Seventy nine% of Twitter users comply with brands Source: Twitter Agency Playbook 13. 10% of Twitter customers are accountable Cameroon WhatsApp Number List for ninety two% of Tweets The common Twitter person doesn’t Tweet tons – just once in step with month on average. However, a small institution of the maximum fairly lively Twitter users Tweet 157 instances each month, on average. These are the influencers Cameroon WhatsApp Number List developing the cultural communication. 10% of Twitter customers are answerable for 92% of Tweets Source: Pew Research Center1 14. Seventy one% of Twitter

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