The States Parties to the Present Covenant Afghanistan Email Lists Considering that, in accordance with the principles enunciated in the Charter of the United Nations, freedom, justice, and peace in the world are based on the recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and of their equal rights and inalienable. Afghanistan Email Lists Recognizing that these rights derive from the inherent dignity of the human person. Recognizing that, in accordance with the universal declaration of human rights, the idea of the free human being cannot be realized, Afghanistan Email Lists in the enjoyment of civil and political liberties and freed from fear and misery, unless conditions are created that allow for each person to enjoy their civil and political rights, as well as their civil and political rights.

Considering that the Charter of the United Nations imposes on States the obligation to promote universal and effective respect for human rights and freedoms. Understanding Afghanistan Email Lists that the individual, by having duties towards other individuals and the community to which he belongs, has the obligation to strive for the achievement and observance of the rights recognized in this Covenant,1. All peoples have the right to self-determination. By Afghanistan Email Lists virtue of this right, they freely establish their political status and also provide for their economic, social, and cultural development. For the achievement of their ends, all peoples can freely dispose of their wealth and natural resources, without prejudice to the obligations that derive from international economic cooperation based on the principle Afghanistan Email Lists of reciprocal benefit, as well as international law. In no case could a person be deprived of its own means of subsistence.



3. The States Parties to the Afghanistan Email Lists present Covenant, including those with the responsibility of administering Non-Self-Governing Territories and Trust Territories, shall promote the exercise of the right of self-determination, and shall respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of Nations. United. Each of the States Parties to the present pact undertakes to adopt measures, both separately and through international assistance and cooperation, Afghanistan Email Lists especially economic and technical, to the maximum of the resources available to it, to progressively achieve by all the appropriate means, including in particular the adoption of legislative measures, the full realization of the rights recognized herein. 2. The States Parties to this pact undertake to guarantee the exercise of the rights Afghanistan Email Lists set forth therein, without any discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or another opinion, national origin or social status, economic position, birth or any other social condition.

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