Sit down at a table withdrawing supplies, a piece of white paper, and a cup of coffee or tea. Carefully spill a little bit on the paper and let it dry. Make a drawing inspired by the shape of the stain. Sit down at your laptop or grab a pen and Hungary Phone Number List notebook, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write about a problem from your work or private situation. You must keep writing and must not stop for a second. Also, don’t read in between. You don’t do that until.

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What do you notice? Flexibility The term flexibility has everything to do with thinking broadly and moving freely. Moving with the flow of the situation or moment. Acting creatively is easier when you can quickly switch between concept and approach, between different working styles, and between changing situations. Flexible people recognize opportunities and possibilities by being aware of their environment and the changes that take place there.

Hungary Phone Number List
Hungary Phone Number List

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The flexible’ are champions of positive thinking. They focus on matters over which they have control and are hardly actively involved in matters outside their sphere of influence. They realize that they have their state of mind in their own hands. Time to stretch and get a little more flexible: Choose an aspect of your own life that recurs weekly and that you experience as negative. Try to think about this thoroughly for half an hour and see if you can list all the benefits or positives of this event or situation.

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