Luxembourg Email Addresses  to make it easy to Malaysia Email List  share information about the products and services your company offers. With this feature, you can register the details of each item, including photo, description and price . Customers can access this data whenever they want. To do this, just enter the profile information to view the products you have registered. Product catalog example Malaysia Email List  on WhatsApp   You also have the option, during the conversation, to share the details of each product with the customer . Just tap the clip at the bottom of the screen and choose “Catalog”. There, you just choose an item and send it. It is a practical way to pass on all the information the customer needs to make the purchase decision. business location In the photo above, you can see that the owner of the pizzeria informed the location of the establishment. Including this information Luxembourg Email Addresses Malaysia Email List  not only makes your business look more professional, it can also help the customer locate the business . When clicking on the map, the user can start the navigation and be guided by the GPS to reach the establishment without having to enter the address. This is the kind of detail that delights the customer and helps him become a brand promoter .

Message tools In the customer service routine

There are phrases and explanations that are Malaysia Email List  repeated in several conversations, and WhatsApp offers tools that facilitate this communication. With the Business version, Luxembourg Email Addresses  you can create: greeting message; away message; quick answers. WhatsApp company settings page The greeting message is sent when the customer contacts your company for the first time Malaysia Email List  or after more than 14 days since the last conversation. As for the away message , it is very useful if you are unable to respond for a while. This is what happens when the company is not on office hours, for example. The quick answers are very interesting. With them, you can define shortcuts so that the complete message appears without Luxembourg Email Addresses  having to type it completely Malaysia Email List . Statistics What would Digital Marketing be without metrics? It is precisely from them that we can understand if our work is going well. If the numbers are not favorable, we are able to define improvement actions. If they are good, it is worth understanding Luxembourg Email Addresses  the reasons for maintaining the quality of service Malaysia Email List . WhatsApp Business statistics are quite simple,

They already allow us to draw some conclusions

It is possible, for example, to know if customers Malaysia Email List  are reading Luxembourg Email Addresses  messages. WhtasApp Business statistics page Hang tags Tags allow you to organize conversations, categorizing them in the way that works best for your business  Malaysia Email List . You may want to mark messages that require an urgent return or those sent by new customers. So it’s easy to find these messages later. Later, we will show you how to use this feature. Tags in WhatsApp Business Source: Capterra . short link The short link is a way for customers Luxembourg Email Addresses  to start a conversation with you without having to add your phone number to contacts. Malaysia Email List  By clicking on it, people are directed to the WhatsApp conversation screen and can now talk to your company. Let’s think about why this is good. Maybe you already have a good amount of followers on Instagram and Facebook, but it would be nice to bring these people to WhatsApp Luxembourg Email Addresses to develop a closer relationship with them .

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