Think, for example, of the different types of content that Google offers in response to different user queries. When they search for a topic that is better answered by videos (like making a recipe, Bahamas Phone Numbers List for example), it is this content format that the search engine prioritizes. search result for chocolate cake You can then publish content on YouTube to appear in these searches.  Bahamas Phone Numbers List Check out our YouTube SEO article and see our tips for ranking your videos. Another example is searches for local businesses. For this type of search, Google typically presents results based on data from Google My Business — and the organic results list takes a back seat. Then, you can include your business in Google My Business to increase the chances of appearing in local searches and delivering the answer the Bahamas Phone Numbers List  user wants (your phone number and address, for example), even if they don’t visit your site. 4. Optimize your website with technical SEO Always remember Google’s ultimate goal, which is to provide the best search experience. For this, it is essential that your website has technical quality, so that the user can find and do what they want on your website easily and quickly.

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So, technical SEO is the optimization Bahamas Phone Numbers List  approach that will help you in this task. This encompasses a number of optimization measures, but let’s now highlight the main ones. First, you need to ensure that Google can crawl and index your site . Without that, no SEO strategy has any effect, right? For this, Bahamas Phone Numbers List  it is important that you: send Google a sitemap, which shows all the pages on the site that it should crawl; monitor Google Search Console for crawling errors that are preventing your pages from going to the search engine’s index; adopt a website structure based on information architecture , Bahamas Phone Numbers List  organize your content into logical subdirectories, and adopt friendly URLs. These measures make user navigation more intuitive and make it easier for Google’s algorithm to understand your site.

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After that, focus on two essential elements of technical SEO: Bahamas Phone Numbers List  responsiveness and speed. Since the first Mobilegeddon rumors, mobile optimization has become a trend. But it was the mobile-first index , launched in 2018, that cemented the need  Bahamas Phone Numbers List to adopt responsive design to appear at the top of search — in addition, of course, to improving the mobile user experience. So, it’s time for you to put mobile first as well . For that, it is necessary to face a tradition of the design teams: starting the projects thinking about the desktop version Bahamas Phone Numbers List  and then adapting for mobile. Natural, since the web started on the desktop computer. However, things have changed. The concept of Mobile First Responsive Design  Bahamas Phone Numbers List is a trend in Digital Marketing . This perspective puts responsive design first in projects, based on an understanding of the mobile context (how searches are done on mobile).

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