To implement actions that stand out in digital Montserrat Email List, it is essential that managers know SEO . Mastering the language of search engines is to understand the language of the internet and know how to find customers in the online universe. However, as this is a Montserrat Email List broad subject, the deepening requires effort. For this reason, good references can be very useful to help with studies. SEO books help to illuminate the most important issues and generally have a more practical bias. Through them, it is possible to extract ideas and insights to test on a daily basis. In addition,  Montserrat Email List some works present definitions of concepts to better prepare professionals so that they know what they are actually doing. In this article, you will know 10 SEO books that are useful for those who want to achieve the best results in Digital Marketing . See what they are! 1. The Long Tail: Montserrat Email List  Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More.

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The Long Tail In ” The Long Tail “,  Montserrat Email List author Chris Anderson defines what he calls “mass economics” and “niche economics”. The masses would be the hits, the themes that become popular and that involve many interested people. On the other hand Montserrat Email List , niches are related to less popular topics, which attract only a few enthusiasts. The internet has allowed people to have more access to niches and be less stuck on hits. How does this relate to SEO? Montserrat Email List  The relationship is in the concept of “ long tail ”. The term is used to describe niches, ie people’s specific tastes. Hence the idea of ​​the long tail keyword, which is so common in the SEO world. Anderson defines the theory behind the idea of ​​specific searches with longer search terms. Montserrat Email List  Reading the book is interesting to see how the idea of ​​long tail is able to explain the internet phenomenon as a whole.

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With this, the Digital Marketing Montserrat Email List  professional will be able to understand how it is possible to work to capture specific desires of your persona on the internet , with content to meet these long tails. Author Chris Anderson is British and has written for The Economist and Wired. He is also the co-founder and CEO of a drone creation company called 3D Robotics. Montserrat Email List  SEJ’s SEO 101: Learn The Basics of Search Engine Optimization SEJ’s SEO 101 “SEJ’s SEO 101” is a book that brings together several authors on 324 pages to present an overview of the basics of SEO. Montserrat Email List  In it, you can learn the importance of links, understand the history of search engine optimization, meet the leading experts on the subject to follow up on today, among Montserrat Email List  other issues. In addition, there is a section dedicated to the most common myths in the SEO world, as well as the challenges for the professional in the field and the time needed to obtain concrete results with the aforementioned techniques.

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