Each new email qualifies the lead a little more than the previous Christmas Island Email List . This sequence of emails, called nutrition flow, must be based on some event or characteristic that identifies this audience: downloading a material, filling out a form, the number of employees Christmas Island Email List , among others. To create good nutrition flows, several tests are needed. If this process is done efficiently, the results will be clear — and results are our next topic. Content strategy measurement Now that you know how to plan and execute, let’s learn how to measure the effectiveness of your actions! This part is delicate and deserves extra attention when choosing the metrics to really understand the results obtained Christmas Island Email List . The analysis of the results is one of the most delicate moments in the entire Content Marketing strategy. It is through measurement that you will find out what is working Christmas Island Email List  and what is not , and thus make the course corrections I mentioned at the beginning of this guide.

Email Lists – Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Email List

The biggest advantage of Digital Marketing over other media Christmas Island Email List  is that it allows you to monitor KPIs in real time and change strategies quickly to avoid big losses. Something you can’t do in a TV commercial, for example. Furthermore, as it is Christmas Island Email List  possible to track every step of a visitor, know exactly how many business opportunities were generated with a content, which channels are generating more leads, you can know exactly what return your Content Marketing strategy is bringing to the company . So let’s go there? measurement frequency Each metric has an ideal measurement frequency. Some are daily, some are weekly and we even have metrics every six months. To know the optimal frequency of follow-up, you need to know each one well and figure out the optimal data Christmas Island Email List  collection time for statistical relevance. For example, checking customer acquisition cost (CAC) on a daily basis is unnecessary, as this number tends to be more stable and many Christmas Island Email List  events are needed to bring about a relevant change.

Build an Opt-in Email List – How to Build it Right So People Beg to Give You Money

But checking your website traffic on this Christmas Island Email List  frequency can make sense, as a drop of just a few hours can mean a huge impact on your entire sales funnel. A good way to find the ideal measurement frequency is to benchmark with partner companies and market experts. Try it! Content Marketing ROI ROI is one of the most Christmas Island Email List  important metrics for every Content Marketing strategy and probably the most loved metric by bosses and directors. It is used to measure the efficiency of an investment Christmas Island Email List , expressed as a percentage. To calculate your ROI, just take what you earned on a stock minus how much you spent and divide it by how much you spent. It is a very simple measure to work with that serves to give a general idea of ​​the performance of any type of investment. Christmas Island Email List  You can perform this calculation simply using our interactive calculator:

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