and affiliate management. The latter is extremely Brazil Email List useful because you can recruit other bloggers to sell your product and get a commission. If you just wanted to sell digital downloads, SendOwl can work out cheaper. Although, it depends on your needs. Now, creating a digital product is just one monetization strategy of many. We’ll cover other Brazil Email List ways to monetize your blog later in this post. 6. Set up email automation to sell products and promote content while you sleep Chances are that you’re already building an email list. Most email marketing tools offer automation of some kind. Are you using it to Brazil Email List grow your blog (and your business)? The most common use of automation is to send out a series of emails in sequence using time-based intervals.

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This is often referred to as a welcome series. Regardless, just Brazil Email List using this simple type of marketing automation can be incredibly effective directing subscribers to your paid products and/or blog posts. Here’s an example from my ConvertKit account: 04 Example from ConvertKit account This sequence is then loaded Brazil Email List as part of an automation sequence that performs a few other functions, such as tagging, etc. What about more advanced uses of automation? Yep, your automations can get pretty smart. How? By offering a more personalized experience to your audience. Instead of just sending out links to your Brazil Email List content or helpful resources, you can apply tags to your subscribers when they click on each link. Each of those tags could then trigger an email

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to be sent offering a product that is relevant to Brazil Email List what they’ve just been reading, or add them to a new sequence that’s relevant to the topic of the post. There are plenty of other ways you can use automation. From cart abandonment emails to referral marketing campaigns. Here’s a screenshot from ActiveCampaign’s automatio Brazil Email List n library: 05 ActiveCampaign automation library So, how can you use this to prepare your blog for the new year? Plan out an automation sequence that enables you to add value to your audience, but also directs people to key products or content in a more personalized way. Personalization Brazil Email List is extremely effective at increasing conversions. 7. Take some time to learn more about your audience The more you know about your audience,

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