your area’s nameservers  Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List  to the new nameservers furnished through Cloudflare. If you bought your area name from a service like GoDaddy or Namecheap, you’ll replace your nameservers there. If you got your domain call thru your net website hosting, you’ll need to replace your nameservers Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List from your hosting dashboard. If you want help, your registrar’s assist team can factor you in the proper path. Cloudflare 04 – Update your nameservers Once you’ve carried out that, click Done, test nameservers It might take 24 hours for the changes to take Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List effect. But don’t fear – your website gained’t experience any downtime. All that means is Cloudflare won’t surely start speeding up your website for 24 hours. On the following screen, Cloudflare will set off you to release a setup wizard. However, I recommend simply skipping this as I’ll take you through manually

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configuring the settings: Cloudflare Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List 05 – Skip guidelines for settings Step four: Connect W3 Total Cache extension to Cloudflare Once you’ve configured your site to apply Cloudflare, you could cross again for your WordPress dashboard and configure the W3 Total Cache Cloudflare Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List extension. In WordPress, go to Performance → Extensions and click on Settings beneath the Cloudflare extension. In the extension’s settings, click the Authorize button: Cloudflare 06 – Authorize your account credentials This opens a set off where you need Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List to enter: The electronic mail deal with of your Cloudflare account. Your Cloudflare API key To get your Cloudflare API key, click this URL. Then, scroll down to the Global API Key field and click View: Cloudflare 07 – View your Global API Key The price from that field is what you want to stick into the W3 Total Cache settings: Cloudflare

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